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24-25 February - 2024

Air Dragon

Connection ~ Wisdom ~ Purification


We begin our quest with an initiation from the Air Dragons. In this awakening season, we fly high seeking inspiration & wisdom whilst asking for messages from the wide & wild above. Air Dragons help us to purify & clarify our minds, allowing us to set clear and powerful intentions. Join us for a weekend of wisdom & connection.


Welcome to Dragon Journeys - a series of powerful online weekend workshops and quests following the Dragon Lines, within and without. Journey with me and the Dragons through the elements and explore the transformative energy of the Dragons in your life. As 2024 is the Chinese Year of the Dragon it's a perfect time to adventure with them through myth, magic, meditation and a deep connection to the land.

Through each elemental weekend, there will be a live online class, a meditation, a pre recorded vidio, an elemental quest and PDF worksheets. There will also be a Dragon Journeys online group to connect with others and share your experiences and adventures. You are invited to join for a single weekend or book the full 4-weekend quest. 


This booking is for the Air Dragons Journey Weekend only.

Early Bird - Dragon Egg Price until Feb 5th.

Dragon Journeys 1 - Air Dragons

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