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As we descend into the darker months and shift with the changing seasons, we will journey deeply through the Worlds led by 3 sisters and their animal kin. In this 9-day Online Retreat, we connect with the treasures of the Underworld, the magic of the Starry Heavens and the healing of returning to Midgard. Throughout this retreat, we learn about Shapeshifting Goddesses and find our own magical paths through shifting forms. By bone, antler and feather we honour the liminal magic of the seasons and dive into the wisdom ancient of the shifting sisters.


This online retreat consists of daily recordings, meditations & PDF handouts, alongside 3 live Zoom sessions (which will be recorded if you cannot make them live). The work, which contains journeying, healing, spellwork, meditation, connecting with the land and journaling, can all unfold in your own time.  All that is asked is that you tune in daily to the themes and allow the guides to inspire you.

The Shifting Sisters ~ Autumn Retreat 2023

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