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Welcome to the Redwitch School of Tarot 2023! 

Are you ready for an adventure into the empowering, mystical realms of the Tarot?


Would you like to learn the ancient and modern secrets of the cards in a fun, friendly and accessible environment?

Have you always been interested in the Tarot but felt a little too intimidated to dive in?


Would you like to learn from a globally renowned Tarot expert with over 20 years of professional experience? 


If the answer is 'Yes' then you are wholeheartedly welcomed to the Redwitch School of Tarot!


The Redwitch School of Tarot is an online, multimedia adventure and community that takes you on an in-depth, elemental and fully immersive journey through the Tarot. Now in its fourth year, the Tarot School has created a community of Tarot Readers and enthusiasts who have gone on to work with the Tarot as a tool of self-discovery, as well as starting their own Tarot based businesses.


In her fun and easy-to-follow style, Laura guides you through the magic of the Minor and Major Arcana, sharing the wisdom of the cards' symbolism, numerology, astrology, mystical and mundane meanings.


Exploring the Fool's journey we gain a greater understanding of our own life's path, whilst meeting a full and rich cast of archetypes who reflect aspects of ourselves and the manifold events in our lives.


Learning the Tarot is not only an exciting journey of intuition and prediction, it is also a hugely rewarding call to the deeper mysteries and reflections of our souls.


Over this 10 week course, you will receive a thorough and grounded understanding of the cards, learning how to:

  • Read them confidently for yourself and others

  • Tune into the essence of the cards and understand their deeper meanings  

  • Read and create Tarot spreads 

  • Meditate and Journey with them

  • Develop your own intuition and psychic abilities (and yes, we all have them!) 

  • Unlock the divine secrets of the Tarot

  • Connect with the cards for creativity, healing, and magic


The course will take place over a 10-week period starting on the 3rd of July 2023 however, the course materials will be yours forever to go back to, work with and reflect upon.


During the course, you will receive tutoring from Laura via live seminars where you will be able to ask questions and gain some invaluable tips, weekly worksheets, videos, and guided meditations.


We will also have our private Facebook community group where we can share our progress and ideas in a held environment, and practice our burgeoning Tarot skills with each other!


Over the course we will work through:

The History of the Tarot / Connecting with your Cards / Meeting your Tarot Guides / Sacred Numerology / Astrology in the Tarot / The Elemental Tarot / The 4 Suits of the Minor Arcana / Working with the Court Cards / The Magic of the Major Arcana / Psychic Development / Tarot Reading & Ethics / Deeper Meanings & Card Combinations and much more...

This course is aimed at total beginners to the Tarot, as well as those who have some experience and would like to gain greater confidence and knowledge. This course is also suitable for those who are adept and would like to dedicate some magical time to deepening their Tarot wisdom.

This course contains all you need to begin your journey as a professional Tarot Reader if that is your desire.

REDWITCH SCHOOL OF TAROT 2023 - Begins July 3rd 2023



Join the Redwitch School of Tarot 2023

A Lifetime of Magick Awaits!

Lucienne, UK

" I was amazed at the rich content, thoughtful teaching and the ease of learning. I have become 100% more confident in reading Tarot. And if that wasn't enough I met beauitful, like -minded friends along the way.
Laura is so very lovely and so very gifted."

Joanne G, UK

"Best course ever! Wish I'd done it years ago. Don't hesitate. Do it!"

Margarita R, USA

"I've tried for years to get a handle on tarot, but I never felt like I grasped it, and I never felt confident giving a reading. 
Red Witch Tarot school changed all of that! Thanks to this immersive course, I was able to learn the traditional meanings as well as develop my own intuitive readings based on the context of the spread. In this class I found that working with the other students I was able to develop my confidence with reading for other people, as well as gaining more insights into the meanings of the cards. I now have a daily tarot practice, and I often read for the week ahead, and do more involved readings for the seasons of the year."
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Glastonbury, UK
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