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The Shifting Sisters
  Autumn Retreat Sept/Oct  2023

The Shifting Sisters

Underworld Journeys and Shapeshifting Treasures...

As we descend into the darker months and shift with the changing seasons, we will journey deeply through the Worlds led by 3 sisters and their animal kin. In this 9-day Online Retreat, we connect with the treasures of the Underworld, the magic of the Starry Heavens and the healing of returning to Midgard. Throughout this retreat, we learn about Shapeshifting Goddesses and find our own magical paths through shifting forms. By bone, antler and feather we honour the liminal magic of the seasons and dive into the ancient wisdom of the shifting sisters.



Days 1-3 

The Longing of the Underworld.

We turn inwards and our shadow journey begins. We meet our Underworld sister who guides us to the vast treasures of our own depths. Through falling leaf, through cave and bone, we journey to release that which is no longer true.



Days 4-6

The Feathered Cloak

These journeys teach us the magic of Upperworld Journeys. Here we find our feathered cloak and journey through the treasures of the starry heavens. These 3 days are journeys and rituals of dreaming, retrieving our wild selves and recalling our visions.

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Days 7 - 9

The Wisdom of Midgard

We return to Midgard with bright eyes and wild wisdom. Our final sister shares powerful journeys into our own sacred landscapes and brings to us the healing we need to integrate our experiences, as she teaches us practical magics for the season ahead. 


About the Retreat

The Shifting Sisters Online Retreat is a deep and magical journey into shapeshifting and the turning seasons. Drawing from my experience of witchcraft, and shamanic practices alongside my academic studies in old Nordic religion and magical work I am offering this deep dive into the rich wisdom of shapeshifting, fate weaving, connecting with the sacred land and animal kin, as well as developing your own powerful magical practice.

This online retreat consists of daily recordings, meditations & PDF handouts, alongside 3 live Zoom sessions (which will be recorded if you cannot make them live). The work, which contains journeying, healing, spellwork, meditation, connecting with the land and journaling, can all unfold in your own time.  All that is asked is that you tune in daily to the themes and allow the guides to inspire you.

The retreat takes place from Monday 25th September to Tuesday 3rd October 2023.

Let's Stir the Cauldron Together...

I have been running workshops, courses, retreats and giving talks both online and in person since 2005. Offering a variety of creative, magical, shamanic and healing workshops and trainings, I am honoured to have co-facilitated Goddess workshops for the British Museum alongside many international conferences and festivals.

I love to create the sacred space for you to explore your own power and vision.

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