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The Winter Mothers Retreat

Welcome to the Magick of the Winter Mothers Retreat. A space of deep rest, healing, ritual and wild connection in the heart of winter...

The Winter Mothers Retreat

9 - Days of Magic, Healing and Connection with the Ancient Mothers of Winter

Begins 11th December 2023


The Mothers of Winter are calling. They call to you from dark caves and on the north wind's song. They gather in frosted woods and call you to the fire, to the hearth, to Mother Bear's deep rest. They call you to the here and now...


In this 9-day online retreat, we will connect with the Mothers of Winter, we will journey through drum, meditation, reflection, ritual, creativity and deep self-care. In the madness of the pre-Yule season, allow yourself *this time* to connect to the ancient goddesses of winter, to the season of the lands, and the wisdom of your own hearth.


Each of the 9 days you will receive via email a gift from the Winter Mothers, these gifts will take the form of journeys, personal ceremonies, meditations, stories, oracles, rituals and self-care practices. The 9 days will be divided into 3 sections, which you will receive more information about upon signing up.

There are live elements to this retreat which will be recorded and can be watched in your own time.



Days 1-3 

Disir - Ancestors -  Circle

As we cast the circle of our Winter time together, we call upon the Disir, our guardian women, to sing us home. We seek the spirits of winter and journey with our animal and tree companions. Our first three days allow us to create sacred space for ourselves and receive healing wisdom.



Days 4-6

Mother Winter -  Nourish

Deep into the snowy forest, we find Mother Winter. Here lie our rituals of honouring the mothers, releasing old burdens and deeply nourishing ourselves. 



Days 7 - 9

Oracle - Journey

As our souls and spirits are revived from the healing work, we begin our preparations for the Winter Solstice, and the rebirthing Sun. We work with oracles and deep journeying to plot our sacred quests and create spells or crafts that will inspire our onward path. 

Let's Stir the Cauldron Together...

I have been running workshops, courses, retreats and giving talks both online and in person since 2005. Offering a variety of creative, magical, shamanic and healing workshops and trainings, I am honoured to have co-facilitated Goddess workshops for the British Museum alongside many international conferences and festivals.

I love to create the sacred space for you to explore your own power and vision.

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