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“I love your new recorded reading and can’t recommend it more highly to others. I have found that each of your readings serve such a unique purpose. Your full Skype reading was so insightful and your email readings are perfect for specific almost practical aspects and your recorded reading was perfect for a more personal sensitive subject for which hearing a voice is that much more essential. The accuracy of your readings is staggering and I can’t begin to put into words how much you have helped me during this incredibly difficult time.”

Facebook Fan

"I did a Paint Your Own Sacred Drum Day workshop with Laura in Glastonbury and it was absolutely amazing. Laura made the space feel sacred and her coaching and hands-on instruction were perfect. My drum is a gorgeous souvenir of that day and I still use the skills I learned at that workshop. Laura is a friendly, approachable and instinctive teacher. I would highly recommend her workshops."

Kim Davies

"I took the Goddess Awakening course and thought it was brilliant. Highly recommend Laura's courses, I can't wait to take another!"


"I have done several of Laura's workshops (even doing one twice)

Have loved all of them. I also managed to attend a retreat Laura organised, this will be a special memory for the rest of my days. Laura's readings are warm and friendly and really helped me with a decision I needed to make. I have also been able to have a guided sacred places tour, these are fantastic days out. Thank you so much Laura providing these events and workshops and helping me with the path I am now on."

Tony P

"I have had a few readings with Laura and enjoyed them all. Laura puts you at ease straight off and is a brilliant listener. The readings have been really insightful and helped me a lot. Thank you Laura, you are a beautiful soul."

Helen R

"Laura is incredibly insightful and sensitive in her readings and is always highly accurate. She’s got a lovely manner with people in person and via email and I’ve always come away from a reading with her with a sense of reassurance and positivity. Highly recommended!!"

Anna McKerrow

"I have taken all Laura’s online courses which were very informative and thoroughly enjoyable. She goes into incredible depth with whatever the subject workshop is about and you come away knowing so much more than you ever anticipated. Her readings are excellent too, with much needed insights and guidance. I highly recommend Laura for her workshops, courses, readings and artwork."

Andrea Webb

"I have done a few of Laura's Workshops both in-person and online, I have also had readings from her several times! She provides fantastic and detailed resources - leads wonderful guided and drummed journeys and is so supportive. I love the videos she shares as part of the online courses and the course groups are friendly and safely held. Laura's readings are always spot on and really insightful, she offers detailed clarification if you need it and I am always amazed how the suggested timings of things are so accurate. I can't recommend Laura enough however you might choose to work with her.Thank you Laura you are an inspiration dear Red Witch."

Ros Simons

“Wow an excellent positive uplifting reading I had with Laura, truly fantastic, 5 ***** ”

Psychic TV Viewer

“If you need any help or guidance or even just an uplift, Laura will amaze you - She truly ROCKS”

J. E Cartwright

“What a lovely Soul!! I'm so glad to have met you, you shared a great professional reading to me, and this is what counts totally natural and uplifting Thank you!”


“Dear Laura, thank you so much for the extensive telephone reading and pictures of the cards. I got a lot of information that was both helpful and encouraging. I've had readings of you before and it never seizes to amaze me how spot-on and to the point they are every time. So I can only highly recommend your reading to everybody that is looking for answer, directions, some guidance or confirmation that one is on the right path. You're simply amazing, thanx once again! Lots of love from the lowlands”


“Laura i love you. you have been on such a journey with me. You have helped me grow and made me realise my strength.”


“Laura I just wanted to say how graetful I am when you give me a reading you make so much sense. I'm so glad when your on the show or logged in so I can get a catch up on my situation. One day I will be able to say yeeeh!! he's back. Now what do I do. Hope so soon. Thanks Laura for all the guidance.”


“Laura is one amazing Psychic who never fails to astound me. She tunes in so fast to what is going on around me and everything she has ever predicted has happened (boom!) and her accuracy is literally astounding. I have gone for readings with her over many years and she still nails it every time, and well she has a beautiful soul and is a lovely lady.”

Debbie, Norfolk

“Laura your are fab-i just love your quick clear answers to my text and live caller comments! Recommend Laura to everyone out there who wants an answer fast.”

Rosie, Sunrose cotswolds

“Simply amazing. Read my situation well. Confirmed what I already knew about a situation and was great. Thank you Laura.”

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