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Firstly, a warm Welcome to my website! I am Laura and I have a passion for creativity, magic, and the wild wonder of everyday life.


I am an internationally renowned Mystic, Artist, Spiritual Teacher, Fire Dancer, Musician, Animal Lover, and Advocate.  I currently reside in Glastonbury, UK, where I am continually inspired by the deep magic of the land.

From starting out as one of the founding members of Sky’s Psychic TV, I have appeared on various TV channels including BBC, ITV, C4, and MTV. I have been featured in a plethora of Magazines and have enjoyed writing columns for FAE Magazine, Chat, The Magical Times and Spellcraft. I have provided Tarot consultations for many corporate events and read for politicians, celebrities and big business owners. 

My spiritual background is rooted in Paganism, Tarot, Wicca, and Shamanic training. From a wealth of magical and personal experience, I have created a range of innovative and empowering courses which I teach both online and in person.

I graduated from Falmouth College of Arts with a BA(Hons) Illustration, and since then my mythic and visionary art has appeared in books, magazines, and exhibitions. I have become well known for creating totem Shamanic drums, and painting larger than life canvases featuring Deities, Power Animals, and Dragons.

As one of the original ‘YouTube Witches’, my popular and friendly channel has gained a global following and been growing for over a decade now.  I am also writing my first series of books, based on my magical and spiritual path.

I love what I do, my heart ignites each thread of my work.


Five random facts…

  • I hug trees – a lot

  • I drink copious amounts of tea

  • I am a huge history geek

  • I played in a Punk Goth band aged 16

  • I will probably always remember your star sign


"Art has always been
my passion and I have a
separate site dedicated
to my artwork"


“What a lovely Soul!! I'm so glad to have met you, you shared a great professional reading to me, and this is what counts totally natural and uplifting. Thank you!”


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