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Spring Equinox Healing Song Circle 

Wednesday 20 March, 6:30-8:30 pm, White Rabbit Glastonbury, £20

A circle to celebrate the Spring Equinox, calling in balance, healing and power for all who are present in the group. All seekers are welcome, no previous experience required. Pre-booking is essential.
Full details and booking link here.

Dragon Journeys  -  Fire Dragons

Online 23 - 31 March 2024

As the Equinox tips us into the time of Aries, we begin our journey with the awesome Fire Dragons. In this quest, we stoke our inner fire and awaken our courage, creativity & passion. Fire Dragons teach us the mastery of our energy and power. They are fearsome protectors & guard all sources of fire from volcano to hearth fire. Join us for a weekend of creativity & empowerment.

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Faerie Awakening

Online 1st April - 20th May 

This enchanting online course is an adventure along the Faerie path and helps you connect with your own wild magic...


 RedWitch School of Tarot 

Online 6th May - 14th July

The Redwitch School of Tarot is an online, multimedia adventure and community that takes you on an in-depth, elemental and fully immersive journey through the Tarot. Now in its fourth year, the Tarot School has created a community of Tarot Readers and enthusiasts who have gone on to work with the Tarot as a tool of self-discovery, as well as starting their own Tarot based businesses.

Dragon Journeys  -  Earth Dragons

In this weekend we journey deep into the magic of the sacred earth. This quest leads us to walk the land, finding depth, wisdom, stillness & presence. We meet the Earth Dragons in caves & trees, in rock & mound. These Dragons teach us the deeper meanings of treasure & power. Join us for a weekend of nature's wild riches.

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Dragon Journeys  -  Water Dragons

22nd June - Online

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