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Welcome to Faerie Awakening  2024! This enchanting online course is an adventure along the Faerie path and helps you connect with your own wild magic...

On this path, you will meet many magical and elemental beings, connect with your own Faerie Guides and explore a path of enchantment, healing, deep wisdom and of course more than a little dose of mischief!


Step by step, week by week we shall discover different aspects of Faerie, from the Spirits of Plants and Trees, the Shining Ones of the Sidhe, Faerie Animals, Wise Gnomes of Root and Earth to the Faerie Kings and Queens and much more.

 Faerie Awakening is a 7 Week Online Course open to all, no matter the experience or background. This course is suitable for those taking their very first steps into faerie, as well as those who have been wandering between the worlds for many a moon!

 Each week you will receive a Faerie Video, including three Live Video Classes, PDF Handouts, a Guided Meditation and a Faerie Project to work on! There will also be a Private Facebook group to share your thoughts and findings, as well as to make new friends. We begin our powerful journey on April 8th 2024 

Faerie Awakening 2024

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